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Get to know tea tree essential oil

  • by Unique Natural Cosmetics

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most versatile natural oils, serving both to enhance your beauty products and used in aromatherapy.

It works very well on all skin types, even the most delicate, increasing the moisturizing and healing power of your creams.

What properties does tea tree essential oil have?

The properties of tea tree essential oil are well known in the world of cosmetics. In fact, it is a key ingredient in the best skincare creams, serums, and masks. But how do you get tea tree oil? At Unique, after collecting branches and leaves from responsibly and sustainably grown trees, we put them through a distillation process free of chemicals, toxins and preservatives. The result is a pure tea tree oil that captures all the goodness of nature in a couple of drops. These are some of its effects on the skin:


Several studies have shown that tea tree oil is as effective as anti-acne dermatological formulas. Just one drop is capable of activating skin regeneration, reducing marks, blemishes and scars. Balancing Tea tree oil regulates the pH and the production of skin oil, preventing pores from becoming clogged and the dreaded blackheads and comedones from appearing.


Tea tree essential oil returns the skin to its natural state, eliminating itching, inflammation and redness caused by certain conditions such as contact allergies.


Tea tree oil prevents bacteria, fungi and microbes from settling and proliferating on the skin, which Significantly decreases the amount of granites.

anti wrinkle

The best part? The properties of tea tree oil do not end here. As it is rich in vitamin E, it forms a barrier against free radicals. In other words, tea tree oil works for wrinkles!

Did you know that the uses of tea tree oil go beyond skin care? Also used for stimulate hair growth and eliminate fungus of the nails

What skin benefits does tea tree essential oil have?

The list of benefits of tea tree essential oil is so long that it has become the key beauty ingredient of "celebrities". If you want to wear one healthy, natural and blemish-free skin, you need it in your routine!

  • Exfoliated, clean and healthy skin.
  • Skin free of blackheads and pimples.
  • Goodbye to bags, redness and inflammation!
  • Less shine and production of skin fat.
  • Special protection against the passage of time.
  • Uniform complexion without marks, spots or scars.

Do you need to know more about the benefits of tea tree essential oil to convince you? If you use it frequently, you will strengthen your immune system. You can say goodbye to the flu!

Unique's favorite combinations with tea tree oil for the face

if you're thinking about how to use tea tree oil on face, here we offer you some of its combinations. It can be mixed with your favorite cream and also with other organic oils that complement its power of action. Let us be your muse to give you a touch of inspiration!

But how many drops of tea tree oil do you have to combine? For a complete facial routine, Combine a drop of pure tea tree oil with another of your choice and your crema facial favorite. You can apply the tea tree oil on the skin, right on the pimple that has just appeared. Thus, you will get a beauty treatment worthy of the gods! You can use your hands or the bamboo bowl by Unique for the mix.

Unique Tea Tree Oil + Organic Rosemary

Special for mature skin with pimples. The organic rosemary oil strengthens the healing action of the essence of tea tree. While one controls acne and deflates the skin, the other nourishes it to the maximum to prevent premature aging.

Unique tea tree oil + organic bergamot

Special for damaged skin. Combine a drop of each of these two Unique oils with your night face cream to take skin regeneration to another level, reduce blemishes and get rid of acne.

Unique tea tree oil + Boreal cream

Special for oily or combination skin. Increases the benefits of crema facial Boreal with a drop of Unique Tea Tree Oil. This combination is, without a doubt, a must for skincare.

Unique tea tree oil + Moon cream

Special for dull skin with imperfections. If you want to show off a smooth, hydrated and mark-free face, restore purity to the skin by enriching your crema facial Moon with our tea tree essential oil.

Include the best tea tree essential oil in your routine

We wouldn't recommend tea tree essential oil for your skin if it wasn't a complete wonder. Our organic formula, free of toxins and as powerful as mother nature, will give you a unique opportunity: take care of your face with a rich mix of nutrients. Dare to try it!


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