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Get to know orange essential oil

  • by Unique Natural Cosmetics

Orange essential oil has become the favorite beauty secret of women. In addition to being a cocktail of vitamins, it restores and detoxifies the skin.

Being a rising star, we couldn't leave orange essential oil aside, could we? Let's see what it has to offer!

What properties does Orange essential oil have?

The properties of orange essential oil They are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. In addition to having an enveloping aroma, it contains endless benefits for the skin.

Do you wonder how humanity can capture the wonders of orange? We don't know how others do it, but we can tell you our secret. We use wild orange peels, obtained in an organic and sustainable way, to submit them to a distillation process.

Unlike other companies, we preserve its purity at 100% so you can take advantage of its properties:


Orange oil has the power to balance hydration skin giving the skin a juicy and rested appearance.


Thanks to its antioxidants, it purifies the skin, promotes the elimination of toxins and stimulates collagen production and elastin.


The exquisite aroma of orange essential oil reduces stress. The calm it radiates will help you sleep soundly. And remember that sleep is a beauty classic.


Although the orange is known for its high content of vitamin C (natural anti-aging), it is also rich in vitamin A (anti-acne), magnesium (detoxifying) and carotenoids (antioxidants).

What benefits for the skin does orange essential oil have?

The benefits of orange essential oil for the skin are not far behind. Include this natural elixir in your facial routine will offer you:

  • Clean complexion with fewer blackheads and open pores.
  • Special protection to avoid infections and bacteria.
  • Deflated and rested skin. Goodbye to bags and dark circles!
  • Rejuvenated, brighter, firmer complexion with a more uniform color.
  • Open and youthful look (with fewer expression lines).

an extra? Its soothing and refreshing properties, in addition to helping you deal with acne, maximize the moisturizing power of facial creams.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of essential oil of orange, you will surely want to include it in your routine!

Preferred combinations with orange essential oil

Orange oil for skin can be use with other essential oils (one drop of each) and face creams with the aim of enhancing or complementing its properties.

So what is orange essential oil good for? If goods suitable for all skin types, works wonders on:

  • Dull, opaque or dull skin
  • Mature skin, with wrinkles or flaccidity

If you don't know how to use orange essential oil, don't worry! We will share with you our favorite combinations:

Unique orange + sage essential oil

Perfect for mature skin. Orange oil releases its power purifying antioxidant, Meanwhile he sage oil helps the dermis to stay hydrated.

As both are depigmenting, reduce photoaging and some imperfections, such as acne marks. Use this combination at night or a few hours before leaving the house. AND always with sunscreen. 

Unique orange + geranium essential oil

Like the orange geranium essential oil serves to balance sebum production. Its exfoliating effect reduces impurities, while orange oil refreshes and restores vitality to the skin.

Council of use: Put a drop of each oil in your hand or in a bamboo wooden bowl and mix it with the facial cream of your choice.

ThaiBoreal facial cream + orange essential oil Oneique

The crema facial Boreal it fits like a glove dry or dehydrated, oily or combination skin because it has a light texture that is easily absorbed. How reduces blemishes and prevents acne, is perfect for a cleansing oil, such as orange. It is soothing, refreshing and ideal for cleansing the skin of toxins.Plus, they both work to leave skin plumper, softer, and healthier.

Crema facial Moon + Oneique orange essential oil

If your skin has a dry and tired appearance, this will be the winning combination! The revitalizing and anti-aging power of orange oil will be complemented by the anti-wrinkle effect of our cream with hyaluronic acid. The result? One radiant and firm complexion with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.


Include the best orange essential oil in your routine

Using an orange oil for the face as organic and natural as your skin is as simple as choosing Oneique. We are committed to responsible, organic and planet-friendly natural cosmetics. This is our way nourish and revitalize your face without compromising your health or mother nature.


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