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Endometriosis, the silent disease

  • by Unique Natural Cosmetics

Endometriosis is a chronic and progressive disease that is still underdiagnosed, even though it can restrict the daily lives of women who suffer from it.

Today, March 14, is remembered as every year the world endometriosis day

Endometriosis is a chronic and progressive disease that is still underdiagnosed, even though it can limit the daily life of women who suffer from it.

This pathology has been baptized as the silent disease since there are many women who suffer from it without knowing it. This affects, to a greater or lesser extent, 2 out of 10 female population, which translates into more than two million women in our country, and I am one of them. So don't worry, you are not alone! 

But if you are still not really clear about what this disease is about, I will tell you a little about it in the following lines.

It is a condition in which a tissue similar to that which covers the walls of the endometrium reproduces outside the uterus, causing inflammation, internal bleeding or adhesions; mainly in the area of the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the external part of the uterus and even the abdominal organs. This alteration can lead to chronic pelvic pain and even infertility if not diagnosed early. 

Its main symptom They are intense menstrual pain, affliction during sexual intercourse, discomfort when urinating or passing stool, bloating, nausea, fatigue and, sometimes, depression or anxiety, since the disease can not only cause physical pain, but also cause a strong impact on women's mental health and in their quality of life.

Endometriosis usually affects women between 15 and 49 years old, so it is very iIt is important to make ourselves aware from a young age that menstruation should generally be a painless process and should not become incapacitating. Women! We can't normalize the pain since it can cause a long time to elapse between the appearance of symptoms until a diagnosis is obtained, in the case in which you suffer from them.

For now, there is no cure, but there are various treatments depending on the severity of the symptoms; from surgery to natural remedies. This is where my story and that of Unique comes in.

And why am I telling you this? Why Unique was born as a result of this disease and I would like to tell you my story

Endometriosis first took my life but then saved it. I suffered from this disease since my first period. The pain has accompanied me for many years, causing every month of my life to stop, making it impossible to continue with my routine: studies, work, projects or any activity. This pain was accompanied by feelings of guilt and insecurity since different doctors told me over and over again that the pain was in my head and that it was very sensitive or exaggerated because it was normal to suffer with menstruation. 

I finally diagnosed with the disease five years ago and three years later I underwent a surgery which appeared to be non-aggressive, but ended up in 6 hours of surgery with intestinal resection and removal of uon the horn. The surgeons and surgeons did not understand how he could have lived like this. No test had determined how many endometriomas and adhesions I had until I had surgery. 

All this process that has accompanied me over the years, led me to investigate natural therapies and a more conscious and healthy lifestyle that would help me control symptoms. It was in this process where I understood the importance of knowing the care and hygiene products that we apply daily to our skin. I began to train and create my own cosmetics; having an awareness of what I was consuming was really eye-opening for me.

This is hOw Unique was bOrn, with the aim Of accOmpanying all pOssible wOmen On their path tO self-knOwledge. 

TOday, the pain has disappeared and I knOw that living a full and balanced life is pOssible. AlthOugh there are days when sOme symptOm appears and it scares me, I knOw that healing is mOre than just taking medicatiOn.

SO, if yOu suffer frOm endOmetriOsis Or think yOu may suffer frOm it, I'll tell yOu sOme advices that they have served me and that I hOpe they can help yOu sO that yOur day tO day is easier.

- Very impOrtant, dOn't nOrmalize the pain.

- Take a diet with few fats and sugars and dO nOt gO OverbOard with caffeine.

- The quality rest It's fundamental.

- BefOre any menstrual change gO tO prOfessiOnals.

- DO spOrt medium intensity On an empty stOmach is great.

- The meditatiOn and yOga they are truly magical. 

- Use essential Oils fOr periOd pain, hOw ROsemary o ylang ylang. Mix with a carrier Oil and gently massage intO the lOwer abdOmen and lOwer back area.

- Research abOut PNI and OsteOpathy, life has been given tO me!

- Search suppOrt in the peOple arOund yOu.

If yOu want sOme mOre tips, I leave yOu here a ebOOk with advice, prOfessiOnals specialized in EndOmetriOsis and much mOre. 

I hOpe these lines have served tO help yOu Or a wOman arOund yOu. The tabOO On any subject related tO wOmen's health shOuld nOt exist.

"Pain shOuld never define us as wOmen."



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