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The 4 steps of the Unique ritual

  • by Unique Natural Cosmetics

Surely you have experienced that your favorite face cream no longer has the same effect as it did at the beginning, or that you have simply never found a suitable product for your skin. At Unique we have found the solution!

We believe that the future of cosmetics happens because you can adapt and personalize your skincare ritual with quality natural cosmetic products from a base to which you can add different essential oils according to your needs and moment of life.

Step 1

Take a small amount of your crema Unique with the wooden spatula and put it in the palm of your hand.

Step 2

Add a drop of your essential oils (We recommend using up to two different types in each application) and thus enhance all the powerful active ingredients of your plants and flowers.

Step 3

Mix calmly enjoying the present moment and let its aroma invade you, benefiting from the powers of aromatherapy. (For your mixture you can also use the bamboo wooden bowl.)

Step 4

Apply the mixture on a clean face, gently massaging with the fingertips in circular movements from the inside out to improve absorption, activating and regenerating the skin. Do not forget the neck and neckline! You can use our Facial Roller for optimal results. 


Enjoy! Because the best thing about custom cosmetics is being able to get to know yourself.

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