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Frequent questions

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What is personalized cosmetics?
What percentage of naturalness do your ingredients have?
What are essential oils?
Are there specific essential oils for the day and night routine?
Can I mix several oils in the same cream application?
Can I use essential oils if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
What is Ayurveda?
Why does the test have questions that are not directly related to the skin?
Do your products expire?
Can men use your products?
Are you a sustainable brand?
Where are your products manufactured?

Our skin, like us, changes depending on different factors, both external and internal. Surely you have experienced that your favorite face cream no longer has the same effect as it did at first, or that you have simply never found a suitable product for your skin. At Unique we have found the solution!

Our cosmetics adapt not only to your skin type, but also to the moment of your life and your needs. Our goal is that you can personalize your skincare ritual with quality natural cosmetic products, adding the essential oils that are right for you to your facial cream. You can find out your skin type and the products that best suit you by doing our test.

Our facial creams have a percentage of naturalness between 98.5% and 99%. They are vegan, free of: Allergens, silicones, PEG and parabens. Combining all the benefits of nature with the most advanced technology.

And our essential oils are 100% plant-based and organic!

Essential oils contain the hormones of the plant, they are the chemical messengers that regulate its vital processes. Unlike scents that are synthesized or chemically isolated from their natural source, pure essential oils have hundreds or even thousands of wonderful biochemical components.

The natural aromas used according to Ayurvedic principles not only give us instant sensory pleasure, but also awaken the mind and balance energies.

Due to their complex composition, all essential oils are, to a greater or lesser extent: cell regenerators, antibacterial, antiseptic, immunostimulatory, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, improve blood circulation and balance emotions.

Similarly, they are highly concentrated products, and should not be used without a carrier oil or cream. We always recommend trying them first before applying them to the front of the elbow or to the neck.

At Unique we have selected the best essential oils to complete your beauty ritual.

Yes! Our citrus essential oils are special for the night routine: Lemon, Bergamot and Orange. These oils are photosensitive, so we only incorporate them into our nightly routine.

Yes, we recommend up to two types but always a single drop of each!

Essential oils are very concentrated and have to be diluted in your Unique cream or carrier oil. It is not recommended to use essential oils in babies, children under 3 months or in the first months of pregnancy and lactation without the supervision of a specialist.

 Ayurveda is an ancient science from India and promotes a healthy lifestyle in a holistic way. According to this philosophy, beauty is not only achieved through external treatments, but it is necessary to lead a lifestyle in accordance with our fundamental energy.

There are 3 types, known as the three Doshas: Vata - Air - Dry skin, Pitta - Fire - Sensitive or combination skin and Kapha - Earth - Oily skin.

You can know your dosha in our diagnostic test.

At Unique, thanks to the philosophy of Ayurveda, we have learned that it is essential to get to know you and how different aspects of your life and personality influence our skin and our body. In addition, we affirm that the best part of personalized cosmetics is being able to get to know yourself and we love to surprise you!

The shelf life of our facial creams from the moment the container is opened for the first time is 6 months.

Of course, all our products are unisex, that's why we always talk about people. Inclusion and diversity are core principles at Unique.

 Yes! At Unique we want to make this planet a better place, betting on the sustainability and future of our ecosystems and communities, in an honest and genuine way. How?
We have an ecological, recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging, and our containers are totally reusable, with glass and bamboo being the main materials. Using less than 10% plastic.

We promote local economies. The design, labels, production, containers and packaging are made by Spanish companies.

In addition, we have the Koiki company as a logistics partner, a sustainable transport company with a great social impact, which works to generate employment with different groups at risk of social exclusion.

 All our products are manufactured and packaged in Spain. Except for the plantations from which some of our essential oils come, since their flowers and plants are found in different parts of the world. 


Explore your essence, find your balance, respect earth, love life.


Receive your products at home the same day if you live in Barcelona, or in any other city in 24-48 hours.


Ecological packaging, reusable glass containers, vegan and cruelty free.