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About us?

Unique was born in the city of Barcelona in May 2020, during a stage that will be remembered in the history of humanity and in which many people begin to rethink their motivations and goals, and even to be more in tune with their body and their values.

At this time, Anna (Skincare lover, making her own homemade cosmetics and a lover of female empowerment), Dani (Natural lover and international Filmmaker) and Jordi (Marketing lover with great expertise in different consumer goods multinationals and MBA) motivated by their enterprising characters, decide to come together to make the dream of forming an innovative company that is committed to a real change in the care of people, animals and the planet.

Our vision and values

At Unique we defend the respect and care of our planet and we believe that balance and self-knowledge are key to finding our health and well-being, based on an ancient philosophy such as Ayurveda and taking advantage of all the wonders that our planet offers us.

We believe in the circular economy, we use km0 suppliers as much as possible and we do not buy from countries where human rights are not respected. Our entire line is vegan, because beauty is incompatible with cruelty.

We are convinced that there is a real and unique beauty in each one of us and Unique products are made to bring out the best in each one of us.

Being our main values:

Incorporating self-knowledge as a tool for the empowerment of people.

Taking care of your body, mind and soul.

Respecting the planet Earth.

Loving all living beings.

What else is Unique doing to help our planet?

We want to make this planet a better place, betting on sustainability and the future of our ecosystems and communities, in an honest and genuine way. How?

1. We have an ecological, recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging, and our containers are totally reusable, with glass and bamboo being the main materials. Using less than 10% plastic.

2. We promote local economies. The design, labels, production, containers and packaging are made by Spanish companies.

3. In addition, we have a sustainable transport company with a great social impact, which works to generate employment with different groups at risk of social exclusion.


Explore your essence, find your balance, respect earth, love life.


Receive your products at home the same day if you live in Barcelona, or in any other city in 24-48 hours.


Ecological packaging, reusable glass containers, vegan and cruelty free.